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Recognised for its superb reliability and usability, Kubota’s state-of-the-art diagnostic IntelliPanel keeps you informed of the workings and goings-on of your Grand L40. With easy-to-read indicators, displays and sensor messages, this interactive system assures that you’ll always know exactly how the tractor is functioning.

E-TVCS Diesel Engine
Kubota’s Three Vortex Combustion System (E-TVCS) allows for increased airflow into the combustion chamber to produce greater power, efficiency and cleaner emissions. The diesel engine system found in the new Grand L40 uses a larger displacement engine, and generates less noise and vibration.

Live-independent PTO
The hydraulically activated Live-independent PTO clutch allows the PTO to be independently engaged/disengaged while the tractor is still in motion. In addition, a Neutral/Auto Shut-off system and protective flip-up shields are included for a full upgrade in total PTO safety and productivity.

Fully Synchronised Main and Shuttle Transmission
This efficient 16-forward and 16-reverse gear transmission is synchronised for smooth, shift-on-the-go operation. Now, all you need to do is simply step on the clutch, shift and go. With Kubota’s Carbon-Cone Synchro-Shuttle, faster and smoother forward/reverse directional changes are easier to attain. This Carbon-Cone design makes shuttle shifting lighter and easier or instant responses.

Maintenance Full-open Bonnet
Routine maintenance doesn’t get much easier. The Grand L40’s all-metal, one-piece, full-open bonnet opens wide and makes it simple to check the engine, the radiator screen and air and oil cartridge-type filters. Its large exterior air intake area improves engine cooling performance, allowing the tractor to work better in high temperatures. In addition, Kubota has added all-new independent headlights, as well as a buzzer that indicates when the fuel tank is full, letting you refuel without worrying about spilling petrol.

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